The Journey of Sidhant Vaidyanathan, Team Captain 18'-19'

During my years in Formula Student, Vishwaracers was my family (still is) and the workshop table was my bed! I loved spending time in the workshop trying to come up with new solutions to problems and testing those solutions then and there. Formula student is an amazing experience if you love learning new concepts about race cars and their dynamics and of course also because you get the opportunity to work with other amazing and passionate people. Through the years, Vishwaracers as a brand has managed to make a name for itself. The 2018 team experienced this for the first time as other team’s members and judges looked at our car and its performance with awe and respect. That was an amazing feeling and I hope the subsequent teams continue to rise to the challenge and continue to hold our team’s name in the highest regard.

Following best engineering practices while designing and manufacturing the car was top priority for the 2018 team. In my view, the car should look absolutely clean and spotless, and special effort and care should be taken to maintain the paint and livery. It basically shows how proud the team is about the product they created, and this is recognized even by other people who see the car.

My advice to the current and future team is simple – never stop creating, never think some other teams are better than you and most importantly, go to the competition to win (not just to complete the event)

- Sidhant Vaidyanathan

Vishwaracers team Captain 2018-2019

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